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Starboard Freeride Aluminium

Starboard Aluminium Freeride Windsurf Foil at Juice Boardsports Yorkshire
£ 1,149.00 each


The Starboard Freeride foil is designed to give good stability, smooth acceleration and the most control possible thanks to a shorter mast and thicker wings. 

The freeride model. This set uses a short aluminium mast for a lower, easier flight and our largest, thickest wings for more stability, smoother acceleration and the most controllable flight.


Mast: Aluminium 75cm | Fuselage: Aluminium 75cm | Front Wing: Carbon 1100cm2 | Tail Wing: Carbon 500cm2

Mast Length: 75cm

Fuselage Length: 75cm

Front Wing Area: 1100cm2

Tail Wing Area: 500cm2