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For 2019 O'Shea have two constructions. The Premium HDx and the Premium HPx.

Premium HDx

(Premium Durable High)

Premium HPx

(Premium Fusion Lite)

Building on our legacy of quality and durability we have strived to improve out 'Go To" Highly Durable Series

New for 2019 we have pressure bonded the twin skin, resulting in a less excess adhesive ie reducing weight but also improved surface finish - the wrinkle surface is now a thing about the past.

The most advanced ISUP construction in the world today. 

Innovation in a partnership with our material manufacturer we have evolved not only the lightest but also the stiffest board on the market today... a game changer in ISUP construction.


  • High Durability
  • Stiffer in all directions
  • Shape integrity long term
  • Pro surface finish
  • Enhanced glide when windy


  • Up To 20% Lighter than any Fusion or MSL
  • Stiffer than Fusion or MSL
  • Durable surface finish
  • No cosmetic wrinkles
  • Better glide on glassy water


Slightly Heavier


Slightly More Expensive

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