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Some riders grasp wing foiling right from the start, while others find it challenging. This learning curve depends on selecting the right equipment and correcting the fundamental technical aspects. 

Our primary goal is to facilitate an early and effortless take-off, maintain superb riding balance, ensure easy touchdowns, and provide rapid relaunch capabilities.


To achieve these objectives, we’ve carefully designed the board’s shape. Stability is crucial for beginners, and since volume plays a key role in stability, we strategically positioned it to optimise performance. 

Volume is distributed along the rails, concentrated at the square nose, and extends to a small “platform” at the board’s tail. Additionally, stability is enhanced by placing the rider’s feet as close to the foil as possible. We aim to avoid a “High Heels” foiling stance, so thinner board profiles offer improved performance.


The board’s round-nose design adds an element of forgiveness during touchdowns. It allows the nose to bounce and skim off the water’s surface area, preventing it from sticking and slowing you down.


Our board features a recessed deck, significantly improving stability by lowering the rider’s centre of gravity. This design also brings the rider closer to the foil, enhancing riding control.


 Drainage channels at the board’s tail ensure water quickly drains out when foiling, preventing drag and maintaining optimal performance.


Our boxy rails strategically pack the most needed volume, increasing float and stability for riders to use a narrower and shorter board without compromising balance and ease of use.


The high-volume tail further contributes to stability, making it easier for riders to master wing foiling.

Condition: This board is in excellent condition (B).

These design elements and features are tailored to offer an enjoyable and accessible wing foiling experience for riders of varying skill levels.

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Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 213 × 76 × 12 cm


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