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The Ezzy Wave is our flagship sail. We recommend the Ezzy Wave to every wave sailor. The Ezzy Wave carries the Ezzy traditions of easy handing and high quality while also being one of the lightest wave sails on the market, with the 4.7 weighing in under the 3kg mark.

When we introduced the Ezzy Wave in 2020, our goal with the sail was to make a sail that provides early planing and power for onshore conditions as well as dynamic maneuverability and handling for side-shore wave riding.

Reshaped for 2021, the Ezzy Wave is flatter in the batten above the boom, making the sail feel lighter and easier to move around. This makes the sail both much better for jumping maneuvers and easier to handle on the wave. The change also improves high wind handling.

The Ezzy Wave makes us proud because it represents our lifetime of dedication to the craft of sailmaking and—most of all—our love of windsurfing.


This is a used sail


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 170 × 20 × 20 cm


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