Red Dog Buoyancy Aid (PFD)


Dog Buoyancy Aid (PFD)
Protect Your Stand Up Paddle Board and Boat Whilst On Board
The perfect accessory if you plan on keeping your board inflated on the deck of your boat. Acting as a UV shield to keep those colours looking box fresh as well as protecting your paddle board and boat from the day to day grind of sailing.

Keep your four-legged companion safe around the water

Whether you’re a paddleboarder or surfer, kayaker or sailor, staying safe on the water should be the number one priority of any water sports enthusiast. Personal flotation devices like the Red Original Airbelt PFD are commonly used to help keep people safe, but we wanted to make sure that there was something for our four-legged friends as well.

The Red Original Dog Buoyancy Aid has been designed to help dogs maintain a positive and comfortable swimming position. It achieves this thanks to strategically placed foam of varying thicknesses that line the buoyancy aid throughout. This foam supports key areas of a dog’s body and allows them to conserve energy, prolonging their life should they get into trouble in the water.

Professionally designed by water sports enthusiasts who also happen to be passionate pet lovers, the Red Original Dog Buoyancy Aid provides support without hindering movement or manoeuvrability. The wide front leg opening allows for free, unimpaired movement and we have used Cordura® Fabric throughout to ensure there is enough ‘give’. Having said that, while it is indeed flexible, Cordura® Fabric was chosen as it is also hard-wearing, tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and – needless to say – waterproof.

Clearly built to last, our Dog Buoyancy Aid has been packed full of thoughtful features that make them convenient for both pet owners and the dogs that wear them. One great example of such a feature is the four easy-to-use grab handles, which can be used to quickly and easily lift wearers out of the water in any situation. An integrated dog lead attachment is also included for when you want to get your dog under control around the water, as well as reflective detailing so you can spot them in the water during low light.

Available in 5 sizes, please reference the chest measurements below to find the most suitable Dog Buoyancy Aid size:

Measure your dog

Measure the circumference of the deepest part of your dog’s chest just behind the front legs to take an accurate measurement.

XS – 330 to 480mm
Small – 460 to 640mm
Medium – 610 to 810mm
Large – 760 to 940mm
XL – 890 to 1140mm
Care instructions: Wash with fresh water after use and hang dry.

1. Cordura waterproof fabric: Soft, comfortable and very durable.
2. Chest Buoyancy: adds flotation to where the majority of weight is helping raise them out of the water
3. 4 Grab handles: Makes picking the dog up simple.
4. Reflective visibility detailing: Helps keep track of their location in low light conditions
5. Metal lead attachment: Can be used off the water as well
6. Adjustable straps: Makes getting the perfect fit easy
7. Various foam thicknesses: distributes buoyancy correctly to create the optimum floating/swimming position
8. Wide front leg : Increased range of motion and comfort.
9. No-pinch clip design: Prevents your dog from getting hurt when putting the jacket on

Watch the video on how to measure your dog here.

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L, M, S, XL, XS


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