Red Adjustable Paddle Board Carry Strap for the Red Active yoga board

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Adjustable Paddle Board Carry Strap
Take The Load Out Of Carrying Your Board
If you struggle to carry your Red Paddle Co Activ board on your walk to the water, this soft padded carry strap is for you. Ideal for riders who need the extra support or are carrying lots of kit.

Hands Free Transportation For Your 10’8″ Activ

The Red Paddle Co 10’8″ Activ board is awesome on the water, especially for those practicing Yoga or Pilates, however they can be quite difficult to get to the water especially for smaller riders. To make life easier for 2018 they added attachment points to the left hand side of their Activ boards which are compatable with this carry strap.

The strap can be quickly attached and allow the user to adjust the length to suit them so they can get thier board to and from the water with ease. The soft padding ensures that the strap will not rub or cause discomfort so you can enjoy your time on the water.

The strap is also compatible with our waterproof deck bag.

1. Soft Shoulder Padding: Comfortable to use and avoids rubbing on skin
2. Easy Clipping System: Attaches to the board quickly to avoid hassle
3. Fully Adjustable Length: Designed for a variety of sized people, get the perfect size for you.


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