Red Large Dog Towel

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Antibacterial Microfiber Dog Towel
Perfect Accessory For Adventurous Dogs
Designed with anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties, the Red Original microfiber dog towel packs down small and is comfortable to carry. Whether you’re taking your dog for a walk after a heavy downpour or letting it run around the beach and splash in the sea, this microfiber dog towel will allow you to quickly dry your pet before they come back into the house or jump in the car. Available in one large size to suit all breeds.

Ultra-Absorbent Microfiber Dog Towel With Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Odour Properties

Soft, highly absorbent, and easy to carry, the Red Original microfiber dog towel can be easily brought along on walks and days out thanks to being lightweight and compact. The microfiber material is capable of absorbing 4 times its weight in water but does not actively retain moisture, which allows this dog towel to dry much faster than your standard towel.

While being absorbent and fast-drying are convenient features, it’s the anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties that make the microfiber dog towel the perfect choice. These properties work together to prevent the dog towel from emanating any unpleasant smells after being used. One tackles the symptom while the other takes care of the cause, making those drives home from a play on the beach or a walk in the hoods a lot easier going on the nose.


With a size of 80cm x 150cm (31 x 59 inches), the Red Original microfiber dog towel can be used to dry dogs of any size or breed. When not in use, the integrated easy-pack strap can be used to either hang the dog towel up or keep it neatly rolled. When rolled up, the microfiber dog towel can sit comfortably in most jacket pockets, a handy feature that even we didn’t know we wanted until we had it.

80cm x 150cm (31 x 59 inches)

1. Ultra Absorbent: absorbs 4 times its weight in water
2. Large Beach size: big enough to wrap around you (80cm x 150cm)
3. Anti-Odour: Stops it from developing the infamous wet-dog smell
4. Anti-Bacterial: Helps to keep the dog towel fresh for the entire outing
5. Lightweight: Easy and comfortable to carry. You’ll forget it’s even in your pocket
6. Super soft: Drying will feel as good on your hands as it does for your dog
7. Easy pack strap: Either hang it up to dry or keep it rolled up tight


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