Red 9’4″ 3-in-1 Snapper MSL Kids Paddle Board Package 2024


Much more than ‘just’ a children’s paddleboard, the 9’4″ Snapper 3-in-1 inflatable paddleboard is a versatile all-rounder for adventurous youngsters. Hard-wearing, high-performance paddleboarding, surfing or windsurfing for riders up to 60kg…

Developed from our market-leading junior paddleboard, the Snapper is lighter and more compact than our smallest Ride, yet no less robust. Optimised for younger paddlers to handle with ease, at 27″ wide with 150L of volume the twin-fin 9’4″ Snapper is big enough to provide plenty of float and stability yet narrow enough for kids to paddle effectively.

Plus the new do-it-all Snapper is now equipped with deck-plate and centre-fin attachments to transform it into a windsurfing board, ideally with our 1.5m or 2.5m rig pack. Or for the surf, we’ve cleared the deck with a removable central handle and no cargo straps to make it clutter-free for prone paddling and pop-up surfing.

Our soft, grippy deckpad is embossed and colour-coded to help SUP and windsurf foot placement, with a diamond cut kickpad at the tail for surfing. Red’s super-high quality fittings and accessories complete a package that will last for years.


  • One board, three surfsports: the Snapper can easily adapt to SUP, windsurf, or pure surfing mode…
  • Paddleboard: unrivalled build quality in a proven smaller shape for youngsters.
  • Surfboard: remove the central handle for uncluttered surfing fun.
  • Windsurfer: just add a centre-fin and small rig to windsurf.
  • Just for kids: a board that’s truly theirs. Child-proof: ergonomically designed, ridiculously durable.
  • Quality assured: shares the same high standards and features as our full range, guaranteed Red quality with a 5-year warranty.


Board Length 9’4″
Board Thickness 4″ / 100mm
Board Volume 151L
Board Weight 8kg / 17.63lb
Board Width 27″ / 686mm
Bag Size 980mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 360mm (d)
Bag Volume 134L
Fins Moulded Twin iFin + option to add 9″ Touring fin
Paddle Options Midi
Complete Package Weight 15.15kg / 33.4lb


At Red, sustainability isn’t just marketing hype – it’s at the core of what we do. As a certified B Corp ( we champion high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Fundamentally, our boards are designed and built to last. Our quality-assured Tec Air process has an extremely low warranty rate below 0.5%. Maximising longevity minimises our impact on the planet.

Yet even durable Red kit will eventually reach end-of-life, hence our ‘design for disassembly’ approach. For example, all Titan pump components are replaceable, while using 100% recoverable virgin plastic in our fins, finboxes and RSS battens ensure they’re fully recyclable.

Our manufacturing processes, like turning the offcuts from our EVA deckpads into keyrings, aim for zero waste too, reflecting our commitment to low-impact resource selection.


How to store your board 

Before storing, rinse all equipment in fresh water and let it dry completely.

To pack away, lay the deflated board deck-up and place the pump across the nose, leaving enough room to wrap the board over. Roll tightly, then secure with the strap. Use the backpack’s internal strap to secure the board inside.

Store your board in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. If keeping it rolled up, avoid excess pressure on the straps. If space allows, it’s best to store the pump separately.

You can also leave your board inflated, ideally kept on a flat surface or upright – but do reduce the board’s pressure to below 15psi if not in use for a while.


What is MSL®? Safe. Stiff. Durable.

Monocoque Structural Laminate or MSL® is the world’s leading drop-stitch material. Exclusive to Red Paddle Co boards, it’s made to our exact specifications.

Monocoque: meaning the coating is integral to the structure. MSL® drop-stitch technology integrates a highly durable, reinforced coating to the ultra-high-definition weave to form an inseparable base layer.

Structural: the high-tensile drop-stitch fibres are designed to withstand pressures in excess of 22psi, meaning Red boards can be inflated to provide unrivalled stiffness and confidence, no matter the rider weight or prevailing conditions.

Laminate: the reinforced composite coating is bonded to the textile core using machine welding that applies heat and pressure to the inner PVC layer, saving over 2kg of adhesives and reducing cosmetic and safety concerns. Produced under low tension, this process creates a torsional stiffening effect when the boards are inflated, making MSL® stiffer at lower pressures.

Everything You Need, Included.

ATB Transformer Bag.

The redesigned ATB Transformer makes our best-selling All-Terrain Backpack an even more versatile travel companion. Its standout feature, the innovative bagless carry system, lets you strip back to just the core straps when heading down to the water.

An adjustable ergonomic structure offers optimised shoulder and back support, while integrated compression straps enhance portability. Thoughtfully designed storage – an interior paddle blade pocket, Velcro paddle securing, and a generously sized outer zip pocket – keeps everything together in the bag.


Board packages come complete with a choice of paddle – or if you prefer, you can choose to go without. Ideal for newer paddlers, the Hybrid Tough paddle combines a durable nylon blade with a lighter 50% carbon hybrid shaft for an easier stroke.

For those prioritising performance, the Prime is a powerful, lightweight paddle with a 100% forged carbon shaft and blade.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 286 × 68 × 10 cm
Red Paddle package

midi paddle, Complete package no paddle


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