Chinook RDM Extension Carbon U.S-Base

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Chinook Reduced Diameter Carbon U.S-Base

(Cup and pins style)


Probably the most highly regarded extensions on the market.

Ultra light weight.
Large brass rollers significantly reduce friction and give easy down hauling.
Fully adjustable, easy to use collar, with pin & line.
Two small molded ramps on bottom of extension which automatically press in the US Cup push pins when connecting to base.
Highly visible and durable height adjustment markings.
High grip clam cleat and quality downhaul rope.
Stylish gloss finish.
Elegant and very strong. Pin and collar adjustment system removes less fiber to maintain strength of tubing. All come with the proven US Power-Haul pulley and cleat system and 2 cm adjustment increments. New extended length!

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32cm, 46cm


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