Prolimit Mens Magma Steamer V-Backzip 5/4 GBS Size: large

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Prolimit Mens Magma Steamer V-Backzip 5/4

Size: Large
The Prolimit Magma steamer wetsuit for men is specially designed for windsurfing. We do not forget the dedicated windsurfer who really needs a suit which is 100% designed for the sport. Wider forearms, different shoulder position, carefully selected materials and windchill optimized. The Zodiac fleece lining on the inside and the neoprene that is 5mm thick, keep you warm in extreme conditions. This suit has a zipper on the back with a leash.

Colour: Black/Blue
Material: Airflex 500+ Limestone Neoprene
Features: Windsurfing optimized YKK V-back zip for easy access, Zodiac2plush inside lining, GBS tripe glued seams, Velvet 550+ air flex, limestone neoprene and water based glue on lining KED, knee elongation design, freedom of movement, Croach reinforcement for seat harnesses, Fused cut collar edges for less irritation
Thickness: 5/4 mm
Sleeve length: Long
Pipe Length: Long
Zipper: Vertical Backzip
Seams: Glued Blind stitched
Lining: Zodiac2 Plush / Velvet Airflex
Drainholes: Yes

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Dimensions 46 × 28 × 9 cm


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