Northcore Double Overhead Soft Surfboard Rack

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A portable soft rack design solution for carrying surfboards on cars without roofracks.

Double soft roof racks feature:

  •  Top of the range soft roof rack system designed for use on cars without roof racks or roof bars
  •  Tough metal buckles and extra strong webbing
  •  Holds from 1 up to 10 surfboards (depending on board size)
  •  Neoprene sleeve keeps buckles from damaging car or board
  •  Ultra-lightweight and compact ideal for travelling
  •  Tough re-usable bag
  •  3.2m (approx) strap-fits most cars, including 4x4s
  •  Individual roof pad dimensions 43cm x 13cm x 3cm

Additional information

Weight 1.29 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 7.5 cm


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