K4 Ezzy Asymetric

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 K4   Ezzy 

K4’s  Designed by PWA Wave Legend Graham Ezzy.

The Ezzy Asymmetric fin! More power, more drive, more speed, less drag.
The Ezzy front fin has a similer template to the Stubby but with a wider chord. A fully asymmetric foil with a radiused front and slightly positive inner foil to aid flow at high speeds. Choose a smaller fin size for less drag, same power. Great for huge gouging hooky cut backs!
All Ezzy fins are sold as pairs for £29.95

Available Sizes: 7cm-14 / 1-3 Degree

Available Box Type: US / Power Box.

* Note when selecting size and box to choose the correct box style available *

*NOTE Fins Sold as Pairs*

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