SUP ASI Start Session

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ASI Start introduction to SUP sessions take 2hrs in total start to finish.
If you can’t see a date you can do please email us at and we will sort a date and time with you.

SUP lessons will not be cancelled due to rain but will be reschedule due to unsuitable weather.

The ASI Starter Introduction SUP session covers the basics from how to carry the board, enter the water, getting on the board, kneeling, standing, turning, falling off, getting back on and much more.
Join one of our ASI Start introduction group Sessions.
Getting you ready for your SUP adventure this summer.

At Juice SUP (1) School we are operating, providing an opportunity to exercise in the outdoors. We are an ASI accredited school and have high standards in place to ensure the safety of our clients.

We ask that all client’s sign the ASI waiver disclaimer before they proceed with the session.

We operate to the required group sizes for outdoor activities, Maximum People in a group is 8 participants and 1 Instructor.

(1) Juice SUP is a trading name of Juice Boardsports under ASI SUP certification.
(2) Equipment includes but is not limited to SUP boards, leashes, paddles, buoyancy aids and wetsuits.

Participants are also welcome to bring their own equipment.
Instructors will visually check Clients SUP Board, Leash, Paddle and buoyancy aid prior to the lesson.

We provide wet suits for lesson participants. If you are more comfortable bringing your own clothing, and do not own a wet suit, we suggest wearing swimwear underneath shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. If you do not own water sports footwear then we suggest wearing a pair of old trainers, beach shoes or flip flops. These can be stored on the board whilst on the water. If inappropriate clothing is warn for the lesson then it is up to the instructors discretion wether you may participate.

Food and Drink will not be provided by Juice SUP. We ask that Participants can bring their own plastic bottled water into the SUP lesson. It is also advised to bring food and drink, or a light snack, for after the lesson. Please make sure you take all your rubbish home with you.

We ask participants to arrive already dressed for the lesson, use the club changing rooms or discreetly get changed in their vehicles in the car park.

SUP Lesson:
You can wear an old pair of trainers, beach shoes or flip flops.
These can be stored at the front of the SUP board and participants can go barefoot if they want once on the water.

You will need a towel or dry robe.

Anyone who has flu like symptoms should ring us and reschedule their lesson for a later date. They are not to arrive at the SUP lesson and to follow Government Guidance.

Cancellations can be made up to 24hrs prior to the lessons date. If a cancellation is requested after this limit then a refund will not be given. Otherwise a refund will be given, but may take up to 5 working days.


We teach people into their 70’s so you are never too old to learn to stand up paddle board.

Under 18 year olds need to be accompanied by an adult who is a family member or guardian.

Children: If your child is 8 year old’s and upwards they can go on one of our school boards on their own in the lesson. The parent will be on their own school board next to them. It’s the parents responsibility to look after their child/ren throughout the lesson. If you would like a private lesson with your child/ren please book a family SUP lesson.

Children: If you have a child under 8 years old within your group please book a family SUP lesson.

Additional information

Lesson dates

10th Sept 1.15-3.15pm, 11th Sept 1-3pm, 12th Sept 2-4pm, 13th Sept 2-4pm, 14th Sept 10.30am-12.30, 17th Sept 1.15-3.15pm, 19th Sept 2-4pm, 20th Sept 2-4pm, 21st Sept 10.30am-12.30, 23rd Aug 4-6pm, 24th Aug 10am-12, 24th Sept 1.15-3.15pm, 25th Aug 6-8pm, 30th Aug 6-8pm, 3rd Sept 1.30-3.30pm, 5th Sept 2-4pm, 6th Sept 6-8pm, 7th Sept 10.30am- 12.30, Date TBC


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