Starboard Foil set E -Type 1700

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Foil Light weight and featuring Starboards unique Quick Lock system for rapid assembly. The modular platform allows the rider to change to additional wings to cover a wide range of conditions and riding styles.
Wings designed for more glide, more speed, with maximum pumping and flying efficiency.

E-Type wing set available sizes: 1700

Wing Sets need a Mast Set to make a complete foil. Choose between Monolithic Carbon and Aluminium V7
Monolithic Carbon mast set available sizes: 72cm // 82cm
Aluminium V7 mast set available sizes: 72cm // 82cm

E-Type front wing design
The E-Type’s higher aspect ratio and straighter leading edge increases flight efficiency for a faster glide with less drag.
Starboard Foils’ signature look: the double concave adds stability at speed while the drop-down wing tips act like thruster fins to give precise carving traction.
The thick asymmetrical profile with a rounded leading edge gives maximum lift to boost low-speed performance and overall flying efficiency.

Front Wing Fitting
Quick Lock HD
The front wing slides over the fuselage and locks in place with a quick half-turn of the pressure bolt. The new HD upgrade has an extra hole for a second bolt that gives additional security for heavy duty use.

Quick Lock HD front wings fit both Quick Lock HD fuselages and Quick Lock fuselages. They won’t work with Wind Foil fuselages that use the saddle system.

Tail Wing / Tail piece design
The Razr 250’s super-thin profile and gentle C-shape configuration make it our our new go-to wing thanks to its speed, efficiency and maneuverability. Suitable for wing, sup, surf, pump foiling, dock starts or downwind runs. Bascially everything.
The tail wings are made from 28 layers of high-modulus carbon, pressed at high temperatures under tremendous hydraulic pressure for maximum precision, stiffness and performance.
The carbon tail piece is available in sizes 31 or 36, we chose the 36 for the standard wing set since the 36 adds more stability while still offering plenty of maneuverability and reactivity.

The E-Type wing set is for surfing waves and carving maneuvers. The S-Types feel solid, stable and secure. They react instantly and precisely to carving pressure.

Available sizes: 1700

Combine the wing set with either a Monolithic Carbon mast set or an Aluminium V7 mast set to make a complete foil.

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E-Type 1700 72cm Mast, E-Type 1700 82cm Mast


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