Prolimit Fire Steamer Backzip 5/3 Womens Wetsuit

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Fire Steamer Backzip 5/3

Vertical backzip for easy access. The 5/3 GBS is a combination of carefully selected materials to create one of the most versatile women wetsuits. Full stretch panels where you need it in Airflex 500+ limestone neoprene, Chest Zodiac2inside plush lining and windchill optimized chest and back panels to keep you warm. Waterblock collar for less water entry and more warmth. To conquer cold conditions we have our zodiac lining on the chest and back panel.

Glued Blind-stitched

Triple glued panels are stitched together with a special stitching method. Partially puncturing the neoprene to keep the water tightness of the seam/wetsuit. Each thread is protected by a tape at the end. Our perfect finish makes our glued and blind stitched wetsuit undestroyable!

Airflex 500+ and 350+ limestone neoprene

Stretchy, durable and comfortable neoprene. Able to stretch 500%.

Zodiac Lining

Zodiac2plush inside lining with soft feel. Adds extra warmth to your wetsuit by keeping the water away from your skin.

Waterblock Collar

Super watertight over-the-head waterblock with collar.

Drain Holes

Drainholes and velcro legstraps, release water from the legs of your wetsuit.

Fitted Collar

Waterblock collar pre-shaped and comfortable neck construction.

Vertical-YKK Backzip

Durable, non-corrosive Drainholes with detachable legstraps V-back zipper.

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Dimensions 46 × 26 × 12 cm
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