Axis SES super easy starter pack


 As the name suggests this is super easy to get started on, at a very attractive price point. It also gives you a great starting point for access to the whole Axis range meaning you can upgrade in the future.

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SES – Super Easy Start – Complete

The SES range, while unique, is still modular and completely compatible with the rest of the AXIS red fuselage range of products. This ensures a clear progression route as riders’ skills improve.

SIZES: 1040 | 940

SES Overview

Built around the AXIS industry-leading 19mm Alloy mast system, our Super Easy Start package features our latest 19mm base plate, an all-newly developed, moderate length, SES fuselage (725mm), which is perfect for beginner and intermediate foilers. This new fuselage integrates our ‘doodad’ system into the fuselage, enhancing our famed AXIS system rigidity while reducing components and simplifying assembly.

Our AXIS Super Easy Start foils are built using a proprietary new technique that features a Paulownia wood core and hybrid glass construction. These ship with custom-fit protective covers.

Drawing on the proven performance and easy turning of our BSC range, the SES has a slightly reduced aspect ratio for an even easier and smoother lift. The SES wings have rounded tips for safety and ease of use.

Package comes with: Mast Top Plate, Doodad (mast/fuselage connector), Foil Covers and Bolts.




SES Front Wing Specifications

SES 1040

  • Wingspan: 1040mm
  • Chord: 220mm
  • Actual Area: 1957cm²
  • Projected Area: 1864cm²
  • Aspect Ratio: 5.80

BSC 940

  • Wingspan: 940mm
  • Chord: 210mm
  • Actual Area: 1688cm²
  • Projected Area: 1607cm²
  • Aspect Ratio: 6.73

Stabilizer Specifications

SES 540
Wingspan: 450mm Chord: 80mm

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 116 × 46 × 11 cm
Axis Wing Size

1040, 940


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