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Starboard Team Set

Starboard Team Set Windsurf Foil at Juice Boardsports Yorkshire
£ 2,699.00 each


The Starboard Foil Team Set includes the 95cm mast, both fuselage sizes, both front wing sizes and both tail wing sizes, allowing for a truly versatile set that can be configures to suit all conditions


The team set offers an array of choice comprising of a Carbon 95cm mast, two fuselages two front wings and two tail wings allowing the race slalom, GT and Ultra setups to be assembled. Perfect for the dedicated foil enthusiast. 


Mast Length: 95cm

Fuselage Sizes: 75cm, 115cm

Front Wing Areas: 800cm2, 550cm2

Front Wing Spans: 80cm, 62cm

Rear Wing Areas: 330cm2, 255cm2